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Sun bed
Sun bed
Sun bed
Sun bed
  • Sun bed

  • Graphite (ene) far-infrared solar bed

  • Material: 100% polyester, double-sided mesh, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof and mildew-proof


    Voltage: 24V/36V DC low voltage

    Thermal conversion rate: 97%


  Using a product combining 24V/36V direct current and graphene,the far-infrared emission efficiency is greatly improved,and the omnidirectional emission rate is as high as 88%.Electromagnetic radiation is"zero",and the conversion rate of electric heat is as high as 97%,which can imperceptibly improve the level of human health during sleep.



  Graphene is known to be the thinner and harder nanomaterials in the world.It is a material with a relatively small resistivity in the world.It combines the characteristics of"acoustic,optical,electrical,thermal,and magnetic"materials in the body.It has rapid heat generation and heat generation.Uniformity,low power consumption,strong far-infrared penetration,high electron mobility,high thermal conductivity and other characteristics,so it is also known as the"king of new materials".It has a relatively high emission efficiency among the materials with far-infrared emission function at present.Decades of scientific research have proved that far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-14um are indispensable factors for biological survival,so far-infrared rays with this wavelength are called"life light waves."


  Far infrared

  The main characteristics of far infrared rays acting on the human body:one is radiation,the other is strong penetration,and the third is absorption,resonance and resonance.The human body is a natural source of infrared radiation,and at the same time a good far-infrared absorber.Human health cannot be separated from the function of far-infrared.

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