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Neck guard



Neck guard
Neck guard
Neck guard
  • Neck guard

  • Graphite (ene) far infrared neck protector

  • Material: imported OK cloth

    Temperature control: intelligent temperature control switch


    Accessories: Power Bank/Charger/Charging Cable

   Graphene far-infrared guarding and neck protection, using graphene far-infrared rays as the heating genre, heats up quickly, and 8-15 microns of far-infrared light waves will be generated after preheating, which is called the "light of life" by the medical community, which is helpful to the human body Health effect. It has both practicality and beauty, fashion, warmth, simple operation, intelligent temperature control, mobile power, and easy to carry.

   Graphene is known to be the thinner and harder nano material in the world. It is a material with relatively low resistivity in the world. It combines the characteristics of "acoustic, optical, electrical, thermal, and magnetic" materials in the body. It has fast heat generation and heat generation. Uniformity, low power consumption, strong far-infrared penetration, high electron mobility, high thermal conductivity and other characteristics, so it is also known as the "king of new materials". It has a relatively high emission efficiency among the materials with far-infrared emission function. Decades of scientific research have proved that far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-14um are indispensable factors for biological survival, so far-infrared rays with this wavelength are called "life light waves."

   Far infrared
   The main characteristics of far infrared rays acting on the human body: one is radiation, the other is strong penetration, and the third is absorption, resonance and resonance. The human body is a natural source of infrared radiation, and at the same time it is a good far-infrared absorber. Human health cannot do without the effect of far-infrared.

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